I have to admit, when I received my letter from the NHS telling me that I had to be “shielded” from Coronavirus, I was somewhat shocked and quite upset.

Having dwelled on it for a couple of days, I realised that there was little point. It is what it is and I have no choice.

It didn’t take that long before I decided to make the effort and get back on the air and start to chase the DX.

But, first things first!

Having been off the air for 12 months I knew that a lot work had to be done and, once that had been done, I needed to address some known issues with the shack.

But first, I removed everything from the rack, cleaned it, put everything back and started to updae all the software.

Windows updates took a few hours followed by WSJT-X and then had to update the Flex 6400.

Thankfully all went well and I was quickly back on the air!

I’m back

It has been a very long 12 months since I last had a QSO.

I won’t go into the reason for the long layoff, surfice to say, it has been a difficult 12 months on a personal level.

The most important thing is that I am back and raring to go – but some work on the shack needs doing first.