Clean Up The Shack – Part 1

I have known for a long time that I am suffering from a lot of interference in the shack.

Some of it, I can do nothing or very little about quite simply because of where I live. However, like most, there is a lot of interference that I/we can do something about – it just needs sorting.

Well over 12 months ago I noticed – well it was staring me in the face – powerful signals on my waterfall.

A little bit of investigation showed that a power supply on my home’s CCTV system was causing the problem – so it was replaced.

Then other strong signals were noticed, then more and then even more.

Over the last 12 months I have removed a lot of “power bricks” replacing them with a single 12v power supply and now, have a 12V supply running throughout the house.

Once “lockdown” came into being, and, my wife and son started to work from home. more interference cropped up due to the power supplies on their respective laptop computers.

I have been aware for a long time that there is a solution to deal with this, but, being lazy, I have never got round to dealing with it!

As it now appears that I will be confined to home for some considerable time, coupled with other family members causing interference, I have decided to address the problem once and for all.

The solution is quite simple, just visit and all the information you need is there together with a very good presentation in video and PowerPoint formats.

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