Clean Up The Shack – Part 2

Well, when I posted on Twitter that I had ordered all the bits to make a mains filter for the shack I did not realise what the response would be.

The tweet has generated more likes, retweets and comments than anything I have ever posted and I suddenly also have 1,200+ followers to the blog. I am not sure why, but hey, if folks are interested that can only be good!

However, let’s get a couple of things straight, building the mains filter and blogging about it is NOT because I am going to do anything different. I am simply following the instructions given in GM3SEK’s (Ian White) blog, presentation and diagrams.

My blog, is simply showing the processes of applying his knowledge and expertise and the challenges I will need to overcome in doing so.

As many of my Twitter followers already know, I am a white stick operator and, what is simple and straightforward for many, is not going to be for me. Again most will know that I have absolutely no interest in the science around Amateur Radio – I am simply an operator who is purely interested in the QSO and nothing else!

Many believe that I have a “duty” to understand the science behind it – sorry to disappoint but I have no interest whatsoever and only seek the LoTW confirmation of our QSO.

Primarily I operate on digital modes and hence weak signal modes such as JT65/9 and FT8/4.

I live in a very RF hostile environment with high density terraced houses and in the middle of a triangle of electrified rail lines. 12m away is a chapel that is full of fluorescent lighting and I have significant sources of interference with dozens of LED bulbs and more powerbrics than I can count in my own home. In addition, I live in very close proximity to 2 tower block which are covered with more antennas than I can count with paging systems, repeaters, broadcast radio transmitters and point to point, and, point to multipoint microwave systems – many of which I installed for commercial purposes!

About 40% of the power bricks have now been replaced with a single 12 volt supply but, I have not managed to replace them all – yet

Living in a small house with a small garden meant that I had to compromise on my choice of antenna and have a 1m diameter magnetic loop which is fed via Ultraflex 7 to a Flexradio 6400 connected to a dedicated “shack PC”

In the past 2 years – with a 12 month lay off – I have managed 136 confirmed DXCCs including VK and ZL so I know I have plenty of capability with the existing system.

What I am now trying to do is make as much improvement as I can as every db counts when working weak signals.

GM3SEK’s blog and presentation can be found here

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